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Wall Putty


Wall Putty


Build Expert.in has been promoted by Construction professionals with long and successful experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing construction materials.

Wall Putty


Color : White & Grey, Bag Pack : 20 Kg

Build Expert.In, Wall Putty for Normal Application is a single component Cement based polymer-modified adhesive for fixing a variety of tiles and natural stones in fresh constructions or complete re-tiling.In accordance with industry set standards, this adhesive is precisely processed from premium quality chemical compounds and the latest technology.

A pioneer in the area of Wall Putty manufacturing, Roff has a complete range of products for various tile applications and care. From fixing tile-on-tile, fixing new tiles, different shades of grouts for filling tile joints to tile cleaners. The range includes various adhesives that can be used for high strength bonding of tiles on various surfaces like marble, glass, granite and stone.

  • Ready-to-use mixtures
  • High bong & shear strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Minimize shrinkage cracks
  • Less labour and time intensive
  • Trafficable (ready for use) in 24 hours
  • No water curing or pre-soaking of tiles needed
  • Tile fixing from any corner
  • Good shock resistance
  • Tile-on-Tile application
  • High mechanical strength
  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to use, only mix with water
  • Better bonding strength
  • Thinner layer